Casual Perfectionism

Love, Passion, Enthusiasm.

Although it may sound trite to some, pouring love, passion, and enthusiasm into the food is what Ashley believes makes an otherwise good meal great. It’s the extra touch that leaves diners more than just satiated, but happy too.
Ashley delights in working with people who harbor the same philosophy; a memorable meal is sure to ensue.
Please see Ashley’s sample menus for some example events and dinners.

Services Include

  • Full-Service Catering (Rentals, Full Service Staff, Bartenders, Valet)
  • Weekly or Daily Meal Drop Offs
  • Weekly or Daily In-Home Meal Service
  • Intimate Multi-Course Dinners
  • Large Scale Buffet Service
  • Cooking Classes/Demonstrations
  • Children and Teen Cooking Classes
  • Gift Certificates for Cooking Classes or Weekly Meal Service. Helpful for new families.